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We are two friends who were fortunate enough to meet and realize we  had tons in common, including a feeling of missing ... something.  Even though each of us has a side business where we love helping others with our contributions (CPA and Design, respecively), our hearts were in need of some extra Glow...

We decided to take a Reiki class, and received our first attunement.  What a difference!  Finally, some of that missing Glow!  Next, we discovered the wonderful world of Essential Oils, became Wellness Advocates and began making our own scrubs and products, infusing them with Reiki.  Everything suddenly clicked! All of the pieces and parts led us to where we are today - forming Sisters Of the Soul (sissoul) to share this Glow with others!  

Part of our mssion with this venture is to promote other small businesses, and to have a positive impact on our communities.  This is how we grow to Glow!  Please check out our Featured Friend in our Glow of the Month page, and all of our partners and friends in the SOS Friends page.

We are currently producing our first line of scrubs, called Everyday Essentials.  These will contain therapeutic-grade Essential Oils combined with all natural ingredients and infused with Reiki energy.  Scents like Grapefruit, Wild Orange, Peppermint, and others including blends will be available. Additionally, our artfully crafted facial scrubs come in two formulas - Gentle Glow with Grapefruit and Frankincense and Loving Lavender, featuring Frankincense and Lavender!

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