SOS Glow of the Month...

This awesome, public group is all about adding some Glow to an increasingly bleak world, so we had to partner with them and we are honored to make them our Glow of the Month!

From their Facebook description, read for yourself...

"PracticeLove2Day is a campaign to counter the dark forces in our world. The headlines and news feeds are full of attacks, whether by words or by weapons. While we know that preventing these atrocities isn’t always possible, this page is a small effort to provide some bright spots in the communities where we live…to bring kindness to the forefront of our minds as we go about our days…to look for opportunities to hold a door, give a smile, or buy a cup of coffee for someone else. So we encourage you to look for ways to PracticeLove2Day and every day. When you do something kind for a stranger or someone in need, please share it here. And if someone shows you love, please share that as well! We need to hear more about the goodness and generosity and giving going on in our lives. Don’t worry about seeming self-serving or boastful…that’s not the purpose of sharing. We share to show the world that despite our wounds, it is through them that the light truly does enter. Please like our page, share it with others, and post often. We want you to JOIN US as we PracticeLove2Day!"

Erin was on hand at a recent event with the York Revs and captured some great images!

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